Induction and Application for Internship

New graduates of the professions regulated by the Medical Rehabilitation Therapists (Registration) Board of Nigeria (MRTB) must apply for temporary license as a Rehabilitation Therapy intern. Interns must proceed on a full-time, 12 calendar months of clinical practice supervised by a licensed Rehabilitation professional. Upon successful completion of the 1 year supervised clinical practice, the intern can thereafter apply for a full permanent license which is renewable annually.

Procedures for Applying for Internship
Prior to commencing internship, all potential interns must participate in the Pre-Internship Curriculum, lectures, induction ceremony, and taking of Professional Oath organized by the MRTB.
  • First, all interns must set up a user account on myMRTB Licensee Portal of the MRTB website.
  • Complete an Internship Application and payment. Application can be completed online through the myMRTB Licensee Portal.
  • Complete and submit a Verification of Results form
  • Participate in the Induction Ceremony.

Induction and Pre-Internship Documents and Forms
Download PDF -  Form A- Intern Physiotherapist Registration FormVerification of Results
Download PDF -  Form A - Intern Physiotherapist Registration FormForm A - Intern Physiotherapist Registration Form
Download PDF - Form J - Intern - Inductee's Biodata FormForm J - Intern - Inductee's Biodata Form

For more enquiries and further assistance, please contact the Registration Department at or call +2348060618337 or +2348126278479.