Terms of Agreement for Continuing Professional Development

-           That the CPD activities will take place no earlier than 12 calendar months prior to date of application for re-license.
-           That the Medical Rehabilitation Therapists (Reg.) Board (MRTB) has the discretion to approve or reject any educational event’s validity or its assigned CPD point value irrespective of its recognition by any other international body.
-           That any CPD activity approved can be disapproved or rejected should the activity not meet the standard or if in the event complaints were received from participants with respect to poor organisation.
-           That the equivalency of CPD hours to CPD points will be decided by the Medical Rehabilitation Therapists (Reg.) Board (MRTB).
-           That all documents should have reached the Board (MRTB) for approval at least 8 weeks before the intended date to avoid clashes of dates in CPD programs and for verification of organizers, facilitators profile/resume, course content and other attributes regarding the intended CPD programme.
-           That a letter of approval by the Board (MRTB) MUST be obtained before any form of publicity of the CPD program is made.
-           That if approved the Board’s logo will be permitted to be used in the flyer and allocated credit point may appear on the flier/certificates.
-           That whereby there is a collaboration between the Board (MRTB) and CPD provider, certificates for the CPD programme must be co-signed by the Registrar of the Board and the CPD organisers.
-           That certificate for the programme must get to the Board (MRTB) at least four weeks before programme commencement.
-           That all financial commitment on the part of the CPD organisers/facilitator must be made and course profile/facilitators profile and course content submitted before the workshop can be approved and CPD points allotted.
-           That proposed programmes with insufficient course content, non qualified facilitators will not be approved.
Outcome Measures
-           That the course must demonstrate a mixture of learning programmes relevant to current or future practice.
-           That the course must seek to demonstrate that the CPD programme contributed to the quality of practice and service delivery.
-           That the course must seek to ensure that the CPD programme benefit participants and contribute meaningfully to the body of knowledge.
-           That CPD facilitators must comprise of at least 75% of licensed Medical Rehabilitation Therapists in good standing with the Board (MRTB) holding current practising licence.
Choice of Venue
-           That the expected venues for CPD programmes should have a conducive learning environment, effective audio-usual facilities, efficient public address system, decent toilet facilities, good catering services and efficient security system.
-           That the venue must be easily accessible to participants.
Resource Materials
-           That all workshop materials which should include bags, jotters, pens etc. must be engraved with the topic of the program.
-           That all CPD programmes should be given in power point presentations with laser pointers.
Monitoring/Evaluation by the Board
-           That for any CPD program organised, the Board (MRTB) shall install internal mechanisms to monitor and evaluate programmes before and during presentations, to ensure sustained quality, acceptability, relevance and continued improvement of the programs.
-           That it is mandatory that necessary arrangements be made towards the inclusion of two (2) professional members from the Board (MRTB) to attend the workshop at no registration charge and certificates will be issued to them. This is to ensure strict compliance to the CPD conditions.
-           That questionnaires will be distributed to all participants for feedback on the workshop activities.
-           That Non adherence to these terms shall attract a sanction/penalty.
I agree to all the terms stated above and will abide by the directives.
.......................................................                                         .............................................
Signed CPD Provider/Facilitator                                         Date

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