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Staying Healthy and in Optimal Performance: Focusing on Footballers
According to the W.H.O, Health is defined as the complete state of physical, mental and social wellbeing of an individual and not merely the absence of disease or injury. As a Sports Physiotherapists, I have had a lot of questions from players who want to know what supplement to take to improve their performance and obtain an optimal state of health. Generally, sportsmen and particularly footballe…
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Is Cracking Your Knuckles A Healthy Habit?
Cracking of the knuckles also known as joints cracking or popping is a common phenomenon among people of all ages, especially young adults. For some, this is a nervous habit while for others it brings relief as there is increased mobility of the cracked joints. Research has shown that between 25%-54% of people crack their joints with more men doing so than women. Researchers are suggesting that …