– Conditionalities

The Medical Rehabilitation Therapists (Reg.) Board of Nigeria, established by Decree 38 of 1988/Act M9 LFN 2004, states that all her registrants must maintain at all times the highest standards of knowledge and skills through the Board’s organized/approved seminars, symposia and workshops throughout their life’s working career. Consequently, the Board has made it mandatory for all registrants to undergo  CPD programmes with a cumulative minimum of 30 units’ credit points in order to have their practicing licences renewed for the coming year.
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program is a forum through which health professionals maintain and develop their potentials to ensure that they retain their capacity to practice safely, effectively and legally within their evolving scope of training and practice to improve the quality of health care delivery system to Nigerians and others.
Eligibility to run CPD programmes
The following accredited institutions and organizations are authorized to organize Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes
1.      Registrants of the Medical Rehabilitation Therapists Board of Nigeria
2.      Professional associations, societies and bodies
3.      Training Institutions
4.      Teaching Hospitals
5.      Federal Medical Centres and General Hospitals
6.      Voluntary Agencies and Private Clinics.
7.      Local/Foreign Corporate bodies and NGOs
8.      Federal and State Ministries of health
Classification of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programmes
CPD credits can be either Clinical or Non-clinical and can be derived from Personal, Internal or External activities.
·         Clinical credits concern any event in which the educational content directly relates to clinical topics.
·         Non-clinical credits concern an educational event that is not directly related to clinical issues, e.g. management courses, ethical and legal issues, appraisal training.
·         External credits are given for events outside the hospital or clinics such as attending conferences and study days. These may be regional, national or international meetings, and are often held by specialist societies, or are meetings that attendees pay for.
·         Internal credits are events within or organised by the hospital or clinic, or provided solely for local clinicians. E.g. hospital Grand Rounds, journal clubs, clinical conferences, local medical meetings, etc.
·         Personal credits relate to study such as lecturing, researching etc.
·         Exemption credits may only be claimed in exceptional circumstances when a professional is unable to meet the annual minimum requirements due to illness, maternity leave or long absence from work.                
·         CPD should include activities both within and outside the employing institution, where there is one. In order to encourage professionals to obtain proportion of their CPD outside their workplace, it is recommended that professionals are only entitled to a minimum threshold of 10’ internal’ CPD credits.
·         Not more than 5 CPD Points per year gained from participation from on-line activities will be counted towards re-licensure requirements.
·         The CPD activities should take place not earlier than 12 calendar months prior to the date of application for re-licensure.
·         The Medical Rehabilitation Therapists (Reg.) Board of Nigeria (MRTB) has the discretion to approve or reject any educational event’s validity or its assigned CPD-Points value. This is irrespective of its recognition by any other international body.
·         The equivalency of CPD hours to CPD points will be decided by the Medical Rehabilitation Therapists (Reg.) Board of Nigeria (MRTB).                    
Declaration of intention to Run CPD Programs.
1.      All requests for organizing CPD programmes by groups, individuals, resource persons (facilitators) etc should be properly written and addressed to;
The Registrar,
The Medical Rehabilitation Therapists Board of Nigeria
Central Medical Library Compound, Muritala Mohammed Way, Yaba Terminus, Lagos.
P. O. Box 3728, Surulere Post Office, Surulere, Lagos. Or Via e-mail; cc:  cc:
cc: institute
Attention: - The HOD Institute Department.
2.         Documents which will include the following shall accompany the request letter
  • Copy of Workshop/Seminar Content: The breakdown and time allocated for each lecture / practical sessions daily.
  • CPD Provider application form
  • Facilitators’ form
  • Copies of CPD Providers & Facilitator’s CV/Profile
  • Evidence of CAC documents
  • Evidence of payment.
  • Signed Terms of Agreement form (Declaration of intent to run CPD Programme)
  • All documents should have reached the Board (MRTB) for approval at least 8 weeks before the intended date to avoid clashes of dates in CPD programs and for verification of organizers, facilitators profile/resume, course content and other attributes regarding the intended CPD programme.
4.      A Letter of Approval by the Board (MRTB) must be obtained before any form of publicity of the CPD program is made.
5.      If approved, the Board's logo will be permitted to be used in the flyer and credit points will appear on the programme.
6.      Whereby there is a collaboration between the Board and CPD provider, certificates for the CPD programe must be co-signed by the Registrar of the Board & the CPD organisers. Hence certificates for the programme must get to the Board at least 4 weeks before programme commencement.
7.      These services attract a financial commitment on the part of the organizers and facilitators to the Board.
8.      Proposed programmes with insufficient course content, facilitators or credit point values may be merged with another proposed programme.
9.      Non adherence to these directives shall attract a sanction/penalty
Duration of CPD
A maximum limit of 3 days should be set for any CPD program with exceptions of workshops which have a maximum limit of 5 days.
CPD Facilitators should comprise of at least 75% of licensed Medical Rehabilitation Therapists, in good standing with the Board holding Current Practising Licence.
Outcome Measures
1.      The course must demonstrate that the CPD programmes are a mixture of learning programmes relevant to current or future practice.
2.      Seek to ensure that the CPD programme has contributed to the quality of practice and service delivery.
3.      Seek to ensure that the CPD programme benefit participants and contribute meaningfully to the body of knowledge.
Choice of Venue for CPD
It is expected that venues for CPD programmes should have the following facilities:
1.      Conducive learning environment
2.      Efficient Audio Visual facilities
3.      Efficient Public Address System
4.      Decent toilet facilities
5.      Good catering services
6.      Easily accessible by participants and others
7.      Utmost and efficient security system
Resource Materials
1.      All workshop materials which should include bags, jotters, pens etc. must be engraved with the topic of the program
2.      All CPD programmes should be given in power point presentations with laser pointers.
Monitoring/Evaluation by the Board
For any CPD program, the Board shall install internal mechanisms to monitor and evaluate programmes before and during presentations, to ensure sustained quality, acceptability, relevance and continued improvement of these programs.
It is mandatory that necessary arrangements be made towards the inclusion of two (2) professional members from the board to attend the workshop at no registration charge. This is to enforce strict compliance to the CPD Conditions.
Where applicable the Registrar or her appointed representative, as well as the CPD organizer/provider shall jointly endorse the certificate of participation during the CPD programme.
Terms of Agreement
Please ensure to read through and sign the Terms of Agreement before payment.
Fees payable to the Board shall be as follows:
CPD Organizers/Providers Commitments.
1.      Registration with the Board MRTB as Organizers (CPD Providers) / groups / institutions/ societies / private bodies and its certificate costs #35,000 annually.
2.      Application forms and Service Charge for each time an organizer proposes a new CPD programme – N20,000
Facilitators’ Commitments
3.      Application for registration as accredited facilitators/Resource persons which is renewable annually. – N10,000
Please be informed that the Board no longer accepts any payment through our GTBank account. All payments/fees to the board are to be paid through REMITA. Via the following steps.
1.         Visit
2.         Click “Pay A Federal Government Agency”.
3.         In the new age, in the box labelled “Name of MDA”, TYPE “Medical Rehabilitation” and from the options that drop down, click on “Medical Rehabilitation Therapy Board – 052101500100”
4.         Click the next box labelled “Name of Service/Purpose” and select the purpose of payment. If the purpose of payment isn’t on the drop down list, Please click “OTHERS” and in the “Description” box, please state the reason for payment. E.g. “CPD Provider Fees”.
5.         In the “Description” box, give a brief description of the payment e.g. Title of the Workshop/Seminar/Conference
6.         Please enter the exact amount of money to be paid in the box labelled “Amount To Pay” e.g. 10,000.
7.         In the next box labelled “Payer’s Full Name” please enter your full name e.g. Olawale Obinna Mustapha.
8.         In the “Payer’s Email” box please enter your full email address.
9.         In the “Payer’s Phone” box, enter your phone number.
10.       Just under that box, there’s an image containing a set of characters. You will need to type the characters in the image in the box just below the image.
11.       Click “Proceed To Payment”
12.       The website then generates a Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR). It is with this code that you either go the bank, pay immediately with internet banking or with cards or wallets.         
Providers are to note that rules are subject to change as determined by the Board.
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