Statutory Functions of the Board

The major statutory functions of the Board (MRTB) are as follows:
  1. Determining what standards of knowledge and skill are to be attained by persons seeking to become registrants of the relevant professions.
  2. Raising the standards from time to time as circumstances may permit.
  3. Conducting examinations in the relevant profession and awarding Degree or Diploma certificates to successful candidates as appropriate and prescription of fees to be paid in respect thereof.
  4. Regulation and control of professional practice of Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Audiology in Nigeria either hospital based or otherwise.
  5. Accreditation of academic and clinical programmes, for medical Rehabilitation training and practice in the country.
  6. Infiltrating discipline and decorum into the profession by enacting Medico-leagal attributes of the Board, MRTB, for the protection of Registrants.
  7. Elimination of quackery through proper registration of Medical Rehabilitation Therapy training and clinical premises and through surveillance and monitoring activities.
  8. Production and maintenance of up-to-date register for the Registrants under the Board (MRTB).
  9. Conducting Induction Programmes to admit fresh graduands into Medical Rehabilitation Professions.
  10. Organizing refresher courses in form of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programmes for the Manpower Development Strategies for Medical Rehabilitation professionals nationwide.
  11. Performing other functions conferred on the Board (MRTB) by the Act establishing it (Decree 38 of 1988/M9 LFN 2004).
The Board, MRTB, is determined to rigorously pursue this course with vigor and vitality to a logical conclusion.


Mrs. O.T. Akanle