06.01.2016 13:04:27 | MRTB IT Unit, Tolu Ajiboye
Dear Public,
As you might have heard, the Federal Government has directed all its agencies to henceforth make use of one Treasury Single Account with the Central Bank of Nigeria. For this reason, IT WILL NO LONGER BE POSSIBLE FOR REGISTRANTS AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC TO PAY ANY MONEY INTO THE BOARD'S GT BANK ACCOUNT.
To pay any money to the Board, these are the steps that must be followed.
  1. Visit
  2. Click “Pay FGN's and State TSA.”
  3. On the pop-up menu, click ''Federal Government of Nigeria''
  4. In the new page, in the box labelled “Name of MDA”, type “Medical Rehabilitation” and from the options that drop down, click on “Medical Rehabilitation Therapy Board – 052101500100”
  5. Click the next box labelled “Name of Service/Purpose” and select the purpose of payment from the drop down menu e.g. License Fee. If the purpose of payment isn't on the drop down list, Please click "OTHERS" and in the "Description" box, please state the reason for payment. E.g. "CPD Provider Fees"
  6. In the “Description” box, give a brief description of the payment e.g. 2016 License.
  7. Please enter the exact amount of money to be paid in the box labelled “Amount To Pay” e.g. 10,000.
  8. In the next box labelled “Payer’s Full Name” please enter your full name e.g. Olawale Obinna Mustapha.
  9. In the “Payer’s Email” box please enter your full email address.
  10. In the “Payer’s Phone” box, enter your phone number.
  11. Just under that box, there’s an image containing a set of characters. You will need to type the characters in the image in the box just below the image.
  12. Click “Proceed To Payment”
  13. The website then generates a Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR). It is with this code that you either go to the bank, pay immediately with internet banking or with cards or wallets.
If you still have any problems with this process please feel free to call +2348023099072  or send an email to for any assistance you might require.